Sat 14
Mens 3rd XI
Waltham Forest M3s
C Insole (21'), (55'), I Macpherson (30'), M Horsley (60')

Match preview

By Graham Sparrey
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For those who played for the 3s/4s away at Brentwood last Saturday, the scoreline is best forgotten. I apologise for not starting with a more solid formation and then not reacting until half time - which was far too late.
Moving swiftly on...

The details for this Saturday's game are:

  • Date: Saturday 14 September 2019
  • Opposition: Waltham Forest HC 3rd XI
  • Venue: Simon Balle School
  • Push back: 13:30
  • Meet: 13:00 pitch side
  • Kit: home kit i.e. Red Shirts, black shorts, red socks
  • Match Fees: £5 for juniors / £10 adults

Please respond ASAP to confirm whether you can play.

People can probably think of many things to aim for this week; however 3 things I'd like us to work at are (apologies if this is stating the ruddy obvious, or too many!):

  • Work hard at getting back behind the ball - to make life harder for an opposition
  • Work hard to support the ball carrier - so they have options readily available
  • Try to retain possession of the ball as a team (making passes rather than getting caught in possession)

You will notice this is against a 3rd XI rather than a 3rd/4th XI so we should expect a tough game. Lets work hard together as a team, and hopefully that will make for an enjoyable afternoon.
We hope to see you on Saturday,

Dave H. and Graham S.

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*Simon Balle School

*Simon Balle School

Mangrove Road
SG13 8AJ

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Match details

Match date

Sat 14, Sep 2019



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