Umpires are as important to the game as players and coaches. There are opportunities for everyone to umpire from our own junior and adults matches to progressing through to umpiring at county and regional level right up to international Level.

The club expects all players, coaches/managers, and spectators to be respectful towards all umpires, whether appointed by our club for home games, umpires at other clubs for away games, or pool umpires. Umpires give their time freely and without them we would be unable to play.

Getting started

England Hockey have a wealth of free information online here which will help develop your understanding of the rules and help you on your umpiring journey.

England Hockey also runs online Introduction to Umpiring and Level 1 Umpiring courses which help develop your skills. Details of courses and course bookings can be made here.

As part of our mentoring and support system for umpires, where possible the first games for a newly qualified umpire will be in partnership with an experienced umpire.

Developing an umpiring culture

We encourage all teams at all levels to engage with their umpires after the games and to discuss in a friendly manner incidents that have occurred during the game. This is a great way for both players and umpires to develop their understanding and interpretation of the rules of the game.

We are also interested in improving the umpiring culture in the club and helping our members develop their umpiring. If you wish to learn more, please contact the HHC Umpire Coordinator.