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1. Summary

Hertford Hockey Club Captains/Team Managers Guidance

Where possible please ensure team selection is distributed as early in the week as possible, wary it can be delayed for various reasons – but make sure players are kept informed about what is happening where we can.

Demotion of players – please ensure we have a conversation with players that may be asked to drop down a team, especially youngsters as this will be a key part of our TC Accreditation.

To ensure we are consistent across the club, please can we use Pitchero as the main form of communication around selection – so send match details to the team after selection is made. This also ensures we follow safeguarding policies as best as possible for youth players.

This can be backed up/followed up by WhatsApp.

There are a few tasks that need to be completed on Match Day, below is a check list of items to complete

  • Clubhouse is open for opposition on their arrival, so if you are the first team on Simon Balle, please make sure the clubhouse is open, as well as the gate to the overflow car park.
  • Ensure you have a First Aid Kit (including the Defib) by the side of the pitch. Defib is important as there have been too many incidents recently in grassroots sport. The first team playing should bring the Defib to the pitch, and the last team take it back to the clubhouse.
  • Match Fees are collected through the Pitchero Club App, easy process to do after each game
  • Results are submitted on App/Website including goal scorers. (Match Reports aren't mandatory – but great if teams are willing to post them). Results must be submitted for both senior and junior matches by monday morning to be included in social media campaigns.
  • Results and team sheets are submitted on GMS within timescales prescribed by the league.
  • Each Team should be providing teas for home matches. Ensure the Kitchen is tidied up after using for teas (Note this does not mean just loading the dishwasher).

Last team on a Saturday will be responsible for:

  • Moving Hertford Red & Blue goals to the pitch fence and locking these using chain and lock provided
  • Closing and locking the pitch gates
  • Bringing first aid kit (and the Defib) back to the clubhouse
  • Ensuring the club house is locked, and overflow car park gate is locked, or that there is someone there who is locking up.
  • Lights at Simon Balle are on a timer
  • Lights at Queenswood MUST BE SWITCHED OFF (in grey box on wall by the pitch entrance)
  • If teams are not playing at home match at Simon Balle, we do want to encourage our own and opposition back to the club house – appreciate this can be difficult at times.

Please support Lee Barber in ensuring that your team have paid Subscriptions and Match Fees are as up to date as possible. You can check what is outstanding from a Match Fees perspective HERE and check for your team

Note – please let us know if we need to give some captains/coaches access to this ASAP.