Youth Section

Membership Matters

Interested in Joining Hertford Hockey Club.

Then All players must complete membership - depending on age and who they play for, there are different levels of subs for the Youth. Please go to the membership section to sign up and "join". If you have any questions then please contact the coach of your age group

Everyone welcome, just turn up on Sunday mornings (September to March)

New members are “buddied” with an existing member

New players may attend two “taster” coaching sessions before joining

Subscriptions are due by the end of October (or when joining if later)

Colts Training

The new season starts with our Open Weekend on 6th and 7th September with the first main Saturday sessions on 14th September.

Please register in the clubhouse BEFORE going to the pitches

Under 12, 10, 8 and 6 age groups (ie anyone born on or after 01/09/2002):

Under 18, 16 and 14 age groups (ie anyone born between 01/09/96 and 31/08/2001

Colts Goalkeepers

We offer regular goalkeeper coaching on Saturday mornings, Training/Fixtures for sessions planned.

Colts Kit

Hertford Colts Under 8, Under 10 and U12 teams play matches in our Red Polo Shirts. Our youth playing kit, along with sticks and other hockey accessories, is available online from our kit partner. All kit can be viewed and purchased online, and at specific times, will also be at the club on a number of weekends throughout the season. More information can be found on the Club Shop section of this website


Hockey sticks

One of the biggest problems we have is young players with a stick which is too big for them. It is one of those things that you just can’t buy a size too big and wait to grow into. Please buy your stick at the [club shop] or other reputable sports shop which will make sure you have the right size. Don’t let mum and dad buy one without taking you to be measured up.

Shin pads

These are essential. You will not be allowed to train or play without them.


A properly fitted mouthguard (gum shield) is highly recommended. Please ask your child's coach for more information on where they can get gum shields fitted.


Club sponsors