Change Starts Together Conference

Change Starts Together Conference

By Nik Bentley
28 October
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A free, online conference focusing on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, titled ‘Change Starts Together – connecting hockey to be more inclusive’

Change Starts Together – Connecting Hockey to be more inclusive, the first in a series of conferences focused on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Hockey, hosted by England Hockey.

The purpose of these conferences is to inform, educate and listen to the hockey community about the current position and the future of ED&I in hockey.

After extensive research we have decided to focus on the four key aspects for the Change Starts Together series:

  • Connect Understand what equality, diversity and inclusion is and the current position in hockey ​ 
  • Challenge Holding ourselves and those around us to be more accountable for equality, diversity and inclusion in hockey ​ 
  • Culture Drive change through a collaborative approach #changestartstogether ​ 
  • ​Clarity  Who’s role is what in driving change and being accountable  

On Tuesday 2 November we will host the very first in the series, it will bring to life the four key aspects through keynote speakers, including CBeebies TV presenter Ben Cajee, who will provide wider societal context about this area.

We have an exciting never seen before, brand new campaign video we want to share with you about breaking down the barriers of hockey, as well as us sharing our current position & direction of travel, the findings of the recent ‘More Inclusive Sport’ survey and more.

Change starts now and it starts with you! Join us at ‘Change Starts Together – connecting hockey to be more inclusive’ on zoom on Tuesday 2 November.

Secure your free place here.

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